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Dindigul is an interior region of Tamilnadu. Dindigul lies on the banks of Kudavanar River with a total landscape of 6058 sqkm. In spite of its geographical location there are about 110 tanneries both registered and non-registered in and around Dindigul. This district is well known for the making of locks. The Dindigul district is divided into 7 taluks namely, Dindigul taluk, Natham taluk, Kodaikanal taluk, Nilakkottai taluk, Palani taluk, Oddanchatram taluk & Vedasandur taluk

The Dindigul fort is one of the major Landmarks of the city which is visible from several kilometers. This huge rock hill on which the fort is constructed, looks like Pillow ('Dhindu'), when viewed from one angle (from south east) and hence the City is known as Dindigul. This fort is at a height of 280 ft.

Dindigul is noted for its Locks. Also Iron safe of good quality and durability are made here. A lock manufacturing unit under co-operative sector is functioning here. It is flourishing industry gives employment to vide section of people. Its one of the largest trading center in Tamil Nadu for chewing tobacco and “Roja Supari” are produced in this town and are being sent to various places in and around the Tamilnadu. Dindigul is flourishing with handloom industry at Chinnalapatti, which is located at 11 km away from Dindigul on the Madurai-Dindigul road. Art –Silk sarees and sungudi. Sarees Produced in Chinnalapatti is famous in the district. More than 1000 families are engaged in this Industry.



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