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Dindigul is an interior region of Tamilnadu .It lies on the banks  of kudavanar river. The total landscape of Dindigul is 6058sqkm. Approximately 17,68,679people live in this district with a sex ratio of 975/1000 men. Out of the total population 13,92,234 belong to the rural category. The urban populationis 3,76,445. The Dindigul district is divided into 7 taluks namely, Dindigul taluk, Kodaikanal taluk, Natham taluk, Nilakkottai taluk , Oddanchatram taluk, Palani taluk & Vedasandur taluk. 

There are 358 small villages in and around Dindigul and 304 village panchayats.The village panchayats have 14 panchayat unions to govern them. There are 24 town panchayats. The MLA and MP constituencies account for 7 and 2 respectively. 

This district is devoid of any major industries or resources for irrigation except a few dams which depend entirely on monsoon rains for water storage.The area is cultivated with irrigation wells and a few rainfed tanks. A sizeable portion is covered by thorny bushes, barren rocks and boulders quite unfit for cultivation. The rest of the lands depend entirely on monsoon rains. It is a scanty rainfall region with failure of monsoons a recurring feature. The south west and north east monsoons are the major sources of rainfall. As such the north east monsoons are the main source of rainfall.This often fails due to vagaries of monsoon.


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