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Sri Kottai Mariamman Temple

It is more than 200 years old. The Mariamman idol is said to be installed by the army men of Tippu Sultan at the fort of the mountain. Hence it is called Kottai (Fort) Mariamman temple of Dindigul. The temple is constructed in the shape of a square. There is a temple for Vetri Vinayaka at the South& Lord Muruga at the North of this temple. There is a Mandapam (Hall) in the centre of the ground in which there is a sculpture of a Lion facing the Sannidhi. The Sanctum Sanctorum is small & square shaped. The deity consecrated (Moolavar) is seen here, embedded deeply under the floor.


There are several sculpture on the sniper structure over the Sanctum Sanctorum, depicting various incarnations of the goddess Mariamman. All the four sides, various seenes showing the destroying of monster by the goddess are seen. On the eastern side over the Amman Sannidhi is a temple for Vinayaka, and on western side a temple for Madurai Veeran. On the front side of Sannidhi the Navagraha idols are installed. On the back side of the temple, there is an idol of Kaalhi & another one for Dhurga. The temple is situated in such a large area as 2 acres. The golden shield will adorm the deity on every day between 5 PM to 9 PM. The temple is run by a board of Trustees.


Starting on the 5th day after the New Moon day, the great festival of Masi is celebrated for 10 days every year . There are other festivals in all the 12 months of the year. The devotees come here & worship to get rid of several diseases like eye disease, small Pox etc and get cured .Larger & larger crowds are attracted to this temple every year. The devotees perform several duties like taking Agni Chatti (Fire Pot), Milk Pot, Mulzaippari procession,Maavu Vilakku etc. Nearly 10 lakh people visit the temple during the festival days.


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